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The Circular Economy & the Planning System

Here is information about some free online training for community councils & elected members which PAS is planning, in collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland, for early next year.

These training events will help participants to understand how the planning system works, in particular how to be engaged and involved in shaping decision-making. It will also provide an introduction to the circular economy as Scotland moves towards its zero carbon target by 2045. More details and sign up here.

Contact: Jenny Pendreigh PAS | Manager – Support Services - Office: 0131 220 9730

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Data Protection and Community Councils

On 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations come into force.

EACC will be identifying what Community Councils need to know and action they should take to comply. The City of Edinburgh Council has published guidelines and on initial examination these appear to be daunting and honourous. Initial discussions with the author of the guidelines suggests this should not be so and only involves taking basic steps to comply with the regulations.

It is our intention to provide further information which Secretaries and other Office Bearers need to take to ensure compliance.

Community Council Annual Administrative Grant

The grant is based on a fixed sum of £522 plus £0.02 per head of population within the community.

Read more: Community Council Annual Administrative Grant

General information for Community Councils

Information for Chairs and Secretaries


The Council’s Planning Service will be restarting certain activities in the coming weeks which will allow more applications to progress. The Scottish Government have been clear that they wish the planning system to continue to function during the lockdown, so that there is a pipeline of consents ready for when construction resumes.

Last week some further changes to the service were announced using the Planning Edinburgh blog (the main Planning Service channel for communication to stakeholders at the moment):

The upshot of all this is that if applications are being progressed in your area there may be a need for you to respond. This fits the criteria of a decision that needs to be made timeously and if you follow the steps below I’m content that a remote/electronic meeting is appropriate.

If you want more information please sign up to the Planning Edinburgh blog for updates.  The Planning Service have rationalised down their various channels as they have limited staff resource to provide bespoke replies to enquirers on changes to their service during this time.  It only needs an email address, and is easy to sign up to or unsubscribe from.

Read more: General information for Community Councils

EACC belongs to every Edinburgh Community Council

Its aim is to provide support, advise and give a collective voice for community councils when facing the challenges community councillors encounter on an almost daily basis. No one person is more important than any other. All community councils have a voice on the EACC!!