Edinburgh Association of Community Councils

EACC: Important Links

1) Keep up-to-date with the CEC Consultation Hub . (Use the 'search' functions for quick access.)
2) Search the CEC Committee Meetings schedule and access Agenda Papers and Reports .
3) Check the current CEC Webcast Diary on Home - City of Edinburgh Council Webcasts (public-i.tv) .
4) Find background support from: the Improvement Service at: https://www.improvementservice.org.uk/about-us ; the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) at: https://www.scdc.org.uk/who ; Planning Aid Scotland at: https://www.pas.org.uk/      
5) Search the CEC community council directory at: Community councils – The City of Edinburgh Council
6) To find material on recent EACC Meetings, go to menu-bar item EACC Papers and browse Meetings 2024

The EACC is an open forum for all Community Councils and their representatives, across the city.
Its headway and success are measured by the support you give it.