Team Callaway – Golf Icons Represent the Best Golf Brand

Team Callaway is Callaway’s personal team of golfers endorsing for, winning with, and loyal to Callaway Golf. Members of the team are among the best professional golf players. Inside the team’s circle, the best among the bests throughout all times are also chosen. There are only five of them and are called: “The Icons.”

1.David Lead better

David Lead better is the world’s #1 golf instructor. His teaching methods are well-known and recognized in the golf world. He started as a golfer then switched to teaching techniques in 1980. His students for the past 30 years have gathered a massive number of awards and trophies from both major championships and individual worldwide tournaments.

He now owns 28 golf academies in 13 countries. With seven published books about golfing techniques, David Lead better is also the world’s #1 author of golf instructions books. He became a part of team Callaway when he went to Callaway Golf to offer his services. He met Ely Callaway and the two instantly had a good bond. A five-year endorsement contract was signed afterwards and he’s been emphasizing his personal love for Big Bertha since then.


2.Pete Cowen

Pete Cowen is the world’s most in-demand coach. His students are very amazed by his knowledge and some of them even made it to Team Callaway. His coaching philosophy is about simplifying everything and focusing only on the important areas of the game. He joined Team Callaway as an ambassador in 2011.

Neil Howe, President of Callaway Golf Europe, Middle East and Africa commented on Pete Cowen’s joining team Callaway. He acknowledged Pete’s move as “a major coup in the golf industry.” Yet, he also emphasized that getting Pete to join team Callaway is a good reflection of how the company is highly committed to equipment, innovation, custom fitting, and the Tour. Above all, he further stressed, is their unwavering commitment to player performance.

Pete Cowen, on the other hand, said that he is honored to be one of this top golf company’s brand ambassadors. Standing alongside such performers and celebrities such as David Lead better, Johnny Miller, Arnold Palmer, and Anoka Sorenstam is indeed something to be proud of. It is hard not to see the value Callaway has been able to offer golfers for the past 25 years. It has always been right at the forefront when it comes to the use of technology in manufacturing of golf equipment. He looks forward to being part of the company as it moves forward.

Callaway Golf

3.Gary Player

Being known as “The Black Knight,” “Mr. Fitness” and “International Ambassador of Golf,” Gary Player is now regarded as one of the greatest golf players of all time. He won nine major titles in his career and more awards and titles from the major leagues and other tournaments. He held the record for the oldest golfer to every make the cut at the Masters with the age of 62. He signed an endorsement contract for Callaway Golf at the age of 65 for several products including Big Bertha Heavenly Woods Hybrids, FT-5 Tour Drivers and Rule 35 golf ball.

4. Annika Sorenstam

Anoka Sorenstam is the only girl in the Team Callaway Icons and yet keeps up being the LGPA Hall-of-Famer. She won 10 major championships in her career and holds the record of having the most Rolex LGPA Player of the Year award for having won it eight times. She has won massive amount of awards from different aspects of the golfing and is considered by many as the greatest female player in golf history.

Anoka has been in Team Callaway her entire career and has extended again with another endorsement contract for Callaway Golf that would end in 2016.

5.Arnold Palmer

Known as “The King,” Arnold Palmer is the most popular and inspirational golf player in history. He has won a total of 92 titles with seven major championships in his career.

He joined the Team Callaway in 2000 after someone let him try a prototype golf ball from Callaway while playing at a desert course in California. A few swings and Palmer considered the ball as a revolution to the golf industry. The golf became Rule 35 Golf later and he decided to endorse it himself.