Due to the closure of our offices we are still unable to receive any paper applications or letters of representation.  Online applications are being accepted/validated, online representations are being accepted and, where appropriate, delegated decisions are being issued.  

We are able to do this following the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act, which alters how we can publicise the applications we have received.

Paragraph 9(2) of Schedule 6, Part 3 of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 makes provision for us not to physically publish weekly lists of planning and related applications and make these available for inspection at our principal office and public libraries or physically post site notices for all planning and related applications on the basis that doing so:

(a) may give rise to a significant risk of the transmission of coronavirus, or

(b) is likely to be ineffective or inappropriate due to action taken in order to control the incidence or transmission of coronavirus.

Instead we will make copies of these documents available on the Council’s Planning and Building Standards On-line Services using this link https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/planning-building, in accordance with paragraph 9 (3) of Schedule 6, Part 3 to the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020.  This process will start with the weekly list of 27 April 2020. 

Further information on our services during the coronavirus lockdown is available on the Council website.

Finally, I would encourage your members to sign up to the Planning Edinburgh blog to keep up to date with changes to our service and how we are planning for the future Edinburgh through City Plan 2030 and the City Mobility Plan. 

Best wishes


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