I guess that by now some of you will have heard that I am standing down as Chair of EACC.  This is not something I had anticipated doing, especially as you had only recently been good enough to re-elect me to the post only last November.  However, to allow some water damage on our flat to be repaired was going to require us to move out for some weeks. We found a new place which suits us very well and decided to move permanently. Our new house is outside Edinburgh.

When I first became involved in EACC I could see there was a great opportunity for it to develop its role, not only in supporting and sharing experience between community councils but also in collectively representing community council perspectives to CEC and other public agencies.  EACC could become an active partner in community planning, in city recovery and in contributing to the development of public services such as health and social care.

Despite the pandemic, we have made a good start with regard to these objectives.  So whilst I feel some frustration in having to stand down just now, I know we have an excellent team of office-bearers who are all committed to these developments and will take things forward energetically. With the support of community councils across the city, EACC can be an important influence in representing communities of place in city planning.

So thank you for your support over the past year and I will follow developments with interest. If I can contribute in any way I will be happy to do so.

Stay safe.

With all good wishes,

John Tibbitt

EACC belongs to every Edinburgh Community Council

Its aim is to provide support, advise and give a collective voice for community councils when facing the challenges community councillors encounter on an almost daily basis. No one person is more important than any other. All community councils have a voice on the EACC!!