Born in Colinton, Edinburgh where I have lived for all but 15 years. I have always taken great interest in Colinton and the much-valued open spaces within and around it, which I see as a very important asset. For some years I served on the committee of Colinton Amenity Association involved with one of the local Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership subgroups and supporting improvements within the area. In 2015 I became Secretary to Colinton CC when it was formed and then was elected as Secretary to EACC, but in March 2020 I resigned as a Community Councillor. EACC requested that I remain in an "administration" role to assist the new Secretary and maintain the website.

EACC belongs to every Edinburgh Community Council

Its aim is to provide support, advise and give a collective voice for community councils when facing the challenges community councillors encounter on an almost daily basis. No one person is more important than any other. All community councils have a voice on the EACC!!