As stated in appendix 2 of the document linked below, the development of the economic strategy has been informed by a series of engagement workshops held during the autumn of 2017, as well as analysis of the performance of the city economy in recent years.  In particular, the authors have been keen to ensure the strategy reflects and captures the priorities for the local economy expressed in Locality Improvement Plans, and the consultation that was carried out to develop those plans.  As such, the strategy aims to set out a city-wide programme of work which builds on locality aspirations to tackle barriers to employment, address poverty and worklessness, improve access to education, training and work opportunities, and support local businesses, amongst other programmes.

The strategy is currently being considered by elected members in advance of discussions at the Council’s Housing and Economy Committee on 22nd March.  To help us take on board feedback, it would be very helpful if comments could be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Corporate Manager – Strategy Projects, preferably by 20th February if possible (though we will be able to take on board comments received after that date).

 The document can be downloaded from this link 

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