incl edinThe City Centre Programme would like your involvement, input and advice in developing and refining the new Public Space Management Plan (PSMP). The PSMP will set out how Edinburgh manages its public outside space for events, filming and festivals.

Please accept this invitation to you/your group, as a stakeholder in Public Spaces, to take part in this collaborative engagement.

We are hosting it on a web-platform that will run until 23 Nov. The ‘home page’ (link below) introduces the engagement and gives some background to the PSMP. This ‘home page’ describes and links to 4 ‘challenges’ that are hosted on a collaborative engagement on-line tool, Dialogue. The 4 ‘challenges’ are:

  • Public Space Management Plan - Key Principles and Guidelines
  • Area Conditions
  • Application process for Organisers
  • Community Engagement

Each of these 4 ‘challenges’ have ‘ideas’ that we ask you to consider and comment on (just comment on the ones you want to). You can also raise your own ‘ideas’ if you think something is missing.

I’m sure I am making this sound really confusing but hopefully when you go to the site and move around to get familiar with it, it will make sense to you! Please do contact me if you have any problems.

The link to the site is here:

You do not need to register on Dialogue to see the content or comments and ideas that others make but you will need to register with a user name if you wish to make a comment or add an idea. Council officers have been asked to register their user name in the same format as mine Ian_CEC so others can see when a council officer is commenting.

You are not limited to the number of registered users you can have, so you can choose whether to have just one of your group register and comment etc, or several/all. If several/all, it would be helpful if you used a similar format as me (Ian_CEC with CEC for City of Edinburgh Council), so you can see all your groups input and others can link input from one group. You can obviously register however you like though.

What happens next? This collaborative engagement will help develop and refine the Public Space Management Plan and it is planned that it will be presented to the Culture & Communities Committee as a draft on 26 January 2020 (lead in time means I need the draft prepared for the second week in December). If Committee approve the draft, it will go to public consultation during Feb/April with the final PSMP presented to the following Culture & Communities Committee on 15 June 2020 for approval.

Thank you and looking forward to some productive collaborative engagement.



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